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The Character Building Positivity Program!

Excerpts from the book The Be Attitudes by BeBe
providing a wardrobe of 365 attitudes (positive adjectives) with which to define (clothe) your mind.

The Law of Attraction reveals the power you have to create your world.

Its one of the Secrets for creating the world you seek.

There is also the Law of Gratitude; because that which you appreciate multiplies.

The Law of Free Will allows you to claim yourself to be healthy, wealthy, wise,
happy, fabulous,
phenomenal, extraordinary, amazing, versatile, proficient.

Ascribe yourself to be magnificent, wonderful, remarkable, spectacular,
unbelievable, brilliant, and guess what??? That's what you become!

As they say in The Secret, "We all work with one infinite power.
We all guide ourselves by the same law.
That one law is the Law of Attraction.
That which you think about - you attract into your life.

The law of attraction is always working.
You can never escape it.
You're attracting everything that comes into your life.
When you understand this law - you understand The Secret -
and you can now dictate what you choose to come into your life.

We become what we think about!"

NOW Presenting...

Be Being

Be a human being, not just a human doing or a human having.
Possess the essence of personal presence.
Experience the multitude of attitudinal choices available to you
within the kingdom of “Being!”
Relationships, adventures and activities of body, mind and spirit fill your waking hours
as the river of time continues flowing by day after day after day.

I... am being!

be*ing v. i. 1. to exist or live. 2. to take place; occur: The wedding is this week. 3. to occupy a place or position: The book is on the table. 4. to continue or remain as before: Let it be! 5. to belong; attend; befall: Good fortune is being with you. n. 1. the fact of existence as opposed to nonexistence. 2. conscious, mortal existence; life. 3. substance or nature: of such a being as to arouse fear. 4. something that exists: inanimate beings. 5. a living thing: strange, exotic beings that live in the depths of the sea. 6. a human being; person. adj. 1. the action of doing something. 2. participating as: just being me.

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The Daily Attitude is 365 excerpts from The Be Attitudes by BeBe

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