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Say Yes! Good Bye Stress.......... I've got a New Attitude!

The No. 1 entry on the American Institute for Preventative Medicine institute's
sixth annual 1996 "Top Ten Healthiest Resolutions" list
is to avoid "psycho sclerosis" -- a hardening of the attitudes,
says Dr. Don Powell, president of the Detroit-based institute.

It's your Attitude
Not your Aptitude
That determines
your Altitude!

This is an Altimeter Pilots use to keep their airplane flying where they want it to go. It helps them keep level to the ground.

"If you approach an illness with a determined, positive attitude,
you can decrease pain, feel better and maybe even live longer."

says Dr. Bogin, a Denver, Colorado internal medicine specialist.

We've been taught that our attitude is the single most important aspect
for achieving our goals, our dreams and our aimed for lifestyle...
but, HOW DO WE DO IT???

What is an Attitude?
How do I create award winning attitudes for myself?

The Daily Attitude is 365 excerpts from The Be Attitudes by BeBe

[As of March 2006 there are 300 copies left of the second edition... the second printing.  The  Third edition is now being tapped by The Daily Attitude. Published by High Touch. Contact BeBe at www.BeBe.Bz]
Oh my gosh! Its still only FIVE DOLLARS and NINTY FIVE CENTS? Those are 1985 prices!
As of March 2006 there are only 300 copies left of the Second Edition


Start each day with a brand new attitude.
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The Be Attitudes by BeBe is an A thru Z listing of the most positive and powerful words in the English language.

Hidden within the language we speak -- are guide posts toward our dreams.

Adjectives describe nouns. Nouns are any person, place, thing, idea, situation, status, event, time etc.

How we specifically describe our existence to ourselves both emotionally, and intellectually,
determines whether we live in a state of bliss or terror.
In spite of surrounding chaos -- we can experience an island of stability -- according to our belief.

These Adjectives are used to describe the world you live in... or want to live in.

There are three kinds of dreamers in the world.

Those who don't have any dreams!
Those who wish their dreams would come true!
And, those who's dreams are always coming true!

It's up to you as to what kind of dreamer you become!

Your attitude conditions your brain to anticipate perceptions.
Your perceptions direct your brain to support your directives.
Your directives guide you toward selections from an infinite array of possibilities.
You are the "All-Wise" Knowing Observer in your life. Remember?

In quantum physics we find the observer focuses and thereby collapses waves of potential energy
into particles deemed to be called reality.

"What's the point of allowing negative thoughts... that make us unhappy...
to take up residence on the stage of our attention?"

There is no law in the universe of universes that says that we need "entertain" pain and discomfort..
we may need to embrace it for a while, but for heavens' sake... let it go.

Why empower negative thinking to drain our emotional concerns and considerations?
Stop diving into the
negative looking for its positive side!

What's needed is a different point of view, a new attitude, a new insight.
Stop looking at a pink elephant by looking at a blue one.

What's needed this very moment is to start thinking about things the way you want to,
not how you've been told to.

"Imagine... a world where a personal, character building positivity program is available
for role modeling the best behaviors and attitudes to children and other immigrants?"

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