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The Daily Attitude ISSN 1930-8469 is a Character Building Positivity Program designed to offer daily guidance toward becoming the best “you” possible by providing daily excerpts from the book The Be Attitudes by BeBe, ©1985 ISBN 1-59971-771-9.

Digital delivery through your email program daily connects you to the ability of developing the skills for defining yourself to Being Fabulous, Being Endearing, Being Prolific, Being Wealthy, Being Engaging, Being Optimistic, Being Compassionate and so much more.

This is a program designed exclusively for you. Whether you are learning the English language, seeking to change or adopt a habitual behavior, or are simply ready for super consciousness, then this system is designed to support you, every day in ways you never knew were possible.

If you have or know of any teenagers, tweenagers, or preenagers... or any kind of nagers at all, then this is the best “gift” to give them in preparation for any rites of passage into maturity which of course is the phenomena of becoming responsible for your thinking, your feelings, your actions, your welfare, well-being and decisions.

Each daily attitude are laid out as follows: first the word is described and followed with the affirmative response of “I am…” then is included the dictionary definition for more scrutiny and understanding. Each day you receive an "advertising free" message of encouragement, helping you to regain your sense of motivation and determination of reaching goals and enjoying a happy, healthy life and lifestyle.

The adjectives used to describe each attitude have been screened to be kid safe and family friendly in order to promote a healthy social atmosphere.

If you are in charge of a team of people, a family, a company of individuals or a down line of sales associates then this program is for you. The more you foster the attitudes of each individual in your team the more efficient “YOUR TEAM” becomes. This is the tool for you. It'll be a reflection on you!

Sign up today and benefit from this powerful, life enhancing positivity program.

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