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"Be... of Good Cheer!"


... and you ask 'How do I do that?'

Why would this most influential of personages implore people to be of good cheer? What's so important about being of good cheer?

And, secondly, how do I go about being cheerful if the world around me appears to be going to hell in a hand basket? What can I do as a single individual person, seemingly alone--even though I'm surrounded by people such as myself running around in this seemingly meaningless rat race?

I observe CNN (Continually Negative News) and other newscasts. I read what's in the local papers, and I hear on the radio a lot of bad, unpleasant, unhappy news and hear about all the psycho-dramas going on in the lives around me, and yet... I'm urged to "Be of good cheer!" by the Child of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe?

Ok! Then! So now how do I be of good cheer. Let me wrap my mind around that concept and begin to work with it now. Let me understand what was meant by being of good cheer and begin to allow it's effects to show up in my life and reflect in the lives of those around me as well.

2,000 years ago we were blessed with an oration given in the hills off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean of a topic which centered around a description of the Kingdom of Heaven. This Sermon on the Mount took many, many hours if not days to be delivered. And, we have but a small, nay, teeny-tiny reminder recorded in the hottest selling book of all time. The Bible

Some of the topics covered were about being blessed. Being made happy. Being given comfort to. Being fulfilled deep within our souls. The sermon later came to be known as The Beatitudes.

Blessed art these people because they do this, or, blessed are those people because they do that, or blessed is the person who partakes in this or that... and what we were told to do -- makes sense.

We were given a role-model for becoming a beautiful human being, a good person and a truthful honest one as well. We were given an example of what happens to a person when they choose to live in the kingdom of heaven, to go in the direction of heaven; to become more of -- like a mustard seed turning into the mustard bush.

That whatever we contemplate... and muse over... and dwell upon, will become more and more of. That, which we appreciate, multiplies.

As a child in church I heard stories about the Sermon on the Mount and decided that there had been an error made in the transcribing, translating and spelling of the word beatitude. I thought, "it's missing the second letter t." It should be spelled "be a-t-t-i-t-u-d-es" so I started my investigation of what an attitude was from those early years.

What I've come to determine is that within the English language are certain words that represent attitudes. These words are largely adjective in nature. These are words that describe and modify nouns. Nouns are names given to persons, places, things, times, events and are the object of our observations... our focus. And, as we have just learned, what we observe (nouns) and how we observe it (attitudes) determines what it becomes, and that needs to be the main focus of our intentions. If we want to modify the world around us we need to learn to modify the way we describe that world to ourselves and those around us.

We need to make sure that our attitudes are excellent because then we will become excellent. To make sure that our attitudes reflect truth, beauty and goodness so that we attract the truthful, the beautiful and the good or goodness into our lives.

So with a copy of the Be Attitudes, or an email subscription to The Daily Attitude, you will participate in a belief program with lots of other individuals who are guided by words from the language, which inspire us to become grand, beautiful, loving people. As we do so in our small bubble in the world so will we affect the rest of all the other bubbles currently residing on our planet.

There is some interesting things to note about the paranormal phenomena of Sending and Receiving. Remote viewing shows us how connected we are through the phenomena called Mind. The arena of consciousness where all thoughts are "known" and observed. As we perceive our thoughts we project our thoughts as well.

We can cast a good cheer on those we encounter and brighten up the lives of those around us as we choose to be cheerful and bright. Encouraging and enamoring. Fulfilling and satisfying. We are the spice of the world. We are the light of the world. Don't hide yourself from being what you were designed to become.

Be You!

Be Cheerful!

Be of Good Cheer!

by Be Be


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